Brainstorm wrap up – Bud-the-teacher joins the edtech brainstormers

Had a really great chat with a bunch of people last night on the show. Bud the teacher, Todd Vanek, Ant Jackson, Jeff Lebow and Jeff Flynn, Learndog and Pete Pasque all joined us at different times to talk about all kinds of stuff including the private public blog e-portfolio debate and what each of us has been doing over the last week trying to pull our edtechs together. Bud was telling some great stories about directing student blogs toward the guidance councillors in order to create some safer and more honest dialogue. It did alot to quell some of my fears from the post I made a couple of days ago. I’m still “scared of the people who are going to be scared of the honesty,” but as there is nothing that can be done, it’s just a question of being ready to face it when it comes.

If any of you are interested, feel free to join the live shows… times at

I’m also working with Jeff F. trying to put together some online feedbook examples. The wiki has just been put up, feel free to put up any feeds that you like, and either put them in their catagory, or just leave them lying around and I’ll put them away. A quick copy and past from delicious accounts or something more focused, any help would be appreciated. Bud was talking about how he works to get the people around him using the new technology, which is what got Jeff and I thinking about getting these feedbooks ready.

Great open source for education article tagged by Stehen downes. If you are trying to convince your people to go open source…

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