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We interrupt your regular scheduled programming to bring you this Dave’s Ed update…

Saturday morning of a very solid week. Worldbridges New Media Offer has attracted another pretty interesting project. Student language and culture exchange between Oberlin College in Ohio and an all women’s College in Jedda Saudi Arabia. Have had some great chats with some cool people and for this Sunday it looks like Will Richardson at 10am EST and Stephen Downes at 11EST live on the show.

The New Media Program that I’ve been working in and around over the last several months seems like it will make is to its alpha run, which is good. Jevon MacDonald, Rob Paterson and Tim Carroll were kind enough to invite me to sit around their table in their planning sessions for this course. The details are still not nailed down, indeed, keeping them in the air and letting them develop naturally is part of the plan. Essentially it is a course, designed to bring people together to learn to use new media by working on projects together. The idea is to keep the tech itself as transparent as possible and have the collaborators develop new media literacies ‘as they need them’. Unofficial start date is November 2nd. They’ll be regular posts for anyone interested.

The first entry in my ‘blog novel’ is posted on my personal site. I kinda like the idea of trying to do it in this medium. I’m also hoping for some comments along the way, and am interested to see how comments would affect the direction of the novel… there is a plan, but i’m not committed to it.

Teaching is great. I like blogging. Most other things are still ‘in the fire’… back to your regular scheduled programming.

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