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February 19th, 2006 It’s been a tough year for blogging. I’ll spare you fine people the details, suffice it to say, that i’ve got a few things that i’m trying to get to. I’ll try and do a wrap up of a few projects this week, and get some help to a few long suffering members, but for today, i wanna talk about my working conference.

A half-hundred times over the last eight months that i’ve been priveledged enough to be a member of the edtechtalk team, the conversation of how we would teach a new media course to educators has come up… i mean, not just to educators, but to anyone really. What would you focus on? Learning objectives? style, format… you name it. The thought of how to collect all this valuable information from some 100 hours of audio crossed my mind for about two seconds before i realized that there was no way i would do it.


And that’s the point. Each member of this community, given a couple of weeks, could put together a reasonable, if not awesome, new media curriculum. The problem is that each one of us is involved in our family lives, our projects, day jobs, blogs… whatever. So what I’m proposing is that we all get together and write a starting point. Not just one single position, but a conglomerate of positions on what a new media curriculum for training teachers would look like. I propose that we all get together for as much time as we have to spare, say at least an hour and up to several hours, on one day, and put together a starting point that everyone can work from.

This is my little intro from the prep-wiki on edtechtalk.

March 12th –> Online at Edtechtalk.

This is a plan for a mass curriculum project. Dave is going to post his work as a starting point, but everyone else is free to take part or all of the curriculum and create their own version or strand. What we’re hoping to get is not one curriculum, where we’ve all had to concede things that are important to us in order to find consensus, but MANY different curricula that are all better for having been made alongside the others.

The plan… hmmm… yes we need one of these. i have some ideas, and have gotten some pretty good advice so far. i’ll try and distill it and put it in. Feel free to drop your own ideas in here as well… it is a wiki.

So, if you’re interested, go on over and add your name, and add your thoughts on the idea. Whatever gets created will be offered up to the community free of anything. It really will be a community project. I want to come out with something that someone could use, even the next day. Given enough people, and the right organization, we could make something really cool happen. Maybe, if we’re lucky, create a seminal document that people could work from… Sounds like a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon…

oh. and the other reason i want to do an online conference… I was jealous of the people at the Northern Voice Conference… that just sounded too cool.

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