Your candor is always appreciated. The ‘simplicity’ that I’m referring to in the argument made by yourself (which simplified 800 years of british common law history to one sentence) saying that ‘all issues of naming are the same’. So, me building a car named Chrysler, a piece of software named vista, or hosting a brangelina conference are somehow the same. They are not.

What I find simplistic is the style of argumentation that breaks important issues down to a rhetorical question.

In this case i see you have ignored my actual post and have found a reference to your name in the comments of my blog. In my post I address my feelings about the trademark issue. I have no problem with them having one. Truth be told, they don’t own it in Europe. And Tim was invited to this conference and sent an ‘i’d love to but…’ in February. doesn’t really sound like fair play to send a scare letter two weeks before a conference that you’ve known about for 4 months