Hi Graham,

Interesting. It’s possible that as a Canadian I’ve been living near the elephant for too long… but I think that you are missing something if you think that internet law in the US is not going to affect the rest of the world. Half of the internet usage (and the companies) are US based (dave makes up likely statistic). If, as in the case of DOPA, their market dries up, or, as in the case of net neutrality (senator stevens) they charge people for bandwidth, it will have a massive effect on worldwide internet usage and therefore edtech usage. How many open source projects depend on US bandwidth being free and how many educational products depend on Americans using them.

The first thing, for instance, that Terry Freedman (UK) asked me on skype yesterday was “what’s up with DOPA” There are a bunch of other folks (from outside the US) who drop me the occasional line to ask about the status of DOPA and Net Neutrality.

It may not be an issue that people from around the world are completely informed about… but, in my view at least, it’s a huge deal to all of us.