I agree that common interest will ultimately capture the enduring attention of a community member. Aesthetics are often magnetic. The aesthetic tends to represent the common interest of the community. A person stops on a given site and joins in a conversation because the appearance or aesthetics on first glance appeals to them. When the habitat was structured it was structured by the members of the community in an effort to make it a comfortable environment and/or experience. As you said, “Where are the xhyl@# links on the front page?”. That will get restructured if the members are bothered by it. It is a cycle and if it’s working (or not failing), then one may not realize it is succeeding. It continues to grow and the community continues to cultivate that habitat.

The roads to a community are not always right off the Interstate. It may take many side roads and turns to find. Could “finding it” be playing a substantial part in a habitat’s success?