If we focus on how the course was delivered, it really made sense to allow the learner to commit to their own learning. The course design was swayed by each student. Each student brought with them previous experiences and knowledge. This allowed each of us to work together, by drawing on each others strengths. As we developed the curriculum, we took pride in what each of us contributed. We revisited the material that we wrote, we expanded on our thoughts and we encouraged one another when we felt we could learn no more. We created an environment where learning was co-created by the students.

Each student is going to come away with a suitcase of information that was tailored and developed as a communal document. As students, we were able to learn so much material because the information was interlinked and interwoven within each piece of it. This strengthened out foundation and created a base, where our knowledge was easily accumulated.

Reading the page, was a common phrase used in our reflections. We recognize that we did not have to raise our hand and question what was presented, but if we took the time and navigated throughout the page, we usually were able to find the answers to our questions. Too often we throw in the towel, requesting help, even before we take the time to see if we can figure it out for ourselves.

In the last week of class, each student presented an application, tool, or software that before the week they were unfamiliar with. It is difficult to present material when the presenter has no previous knowledge in the subject. Nevertheless, if you approached the presentation as a learning experience, then it did not have to do with your presentation skill, but it had to do with how well you were actually able to understand the application. So the skill that you learned was the actual learning of the material.

Now, for all those people out there that read Dave’s Blog, I want you to know that he is a phenomenal teacher and if you were to know who I was, you would recognize that I wouldn’t say it unless I meant it. Likewise, I am not looking for extra points, that just isn’t me. All the same, I would like to say, thank you Dave. I have learned an amazing amount from you.

Kim Mason