likewise on the learning lots Kim. This course was a bit of an experiemental journey for me… sure… I am familiar with the material but the structure had some significant flaws in it, and your questioning went a good way towards contributing to the ‘realism’ of the classroom experience that we are currently having.

I agree with you Kent… certainly on all those things related to specific, find them in a manual, or learn the ‘right’ way from experience kind of lessons. We don’t want to be ‘experimenting’ with a 60 ton crane or a saw mill or with Barry’s students (they drive large commercial ships).
The community curriculum model is designed to allow for the fact that you don’t know what you are going to get from a classroom. There was room in the syllabus, even as it was written down (let alone what was in my head) for a far more structured environment. It became clear, however, on day 3 that this was a group that needed the empowerment of the self-directed learning… the community of learners in any discipline as ephemeral as this one (media studies, marketing, business, physics might be some others) should control the curriculum as their is no ‘canon’ to teach them anyway.