Hello, Dave,

First off, love the extended metaphor — not only is it a great image, it has the added benefit of making me crave a BLT. Mmmmm. Lunch.

Some quick thoughts here:

I question whether we are saying “literacies” when we mean curiosity, and/or the ability to communicate that curiosity using different media.

Also, as I see it, both types of “openness” have value (although, as you already know, my personal preference is for the second, more open path). Personally, I do see the value in years/decades of experience working on a subject — it brings a familiarity that even the most enthusiastic amateur will have difficulty approaching. This should not be confused with the notion that the “expert” will always be right; rather, true expertise is gained through years of study. From the perspective of leveraging the power of the network, expertise is useful. And the MIT-type courses, with their one-way transmission of info, are one way of channelling expertise.

When it comes time to make the case for the efficacy of opening up our educational structures, I think it’s less about deconstructing the literacies, and more about demonstrating how learning in an open environment is more closely aligned to actual work habits.