LOL. but that kinda is the point isn’t it… why is it a negative opinion. The internet gives us so much access, and the ability to publish so much, that we feel the need to publish something about something we don’t care about. Imagine if you wrote something about everything in you home town that you didn’t care about. Lets take the School Christmas pageant. Would you post 6 “i don’t care”s one for each elementary school class? Well… maybe some of you do 🙂 and it would be funny… just not to some of the kids. Now, on the other hand, there are some very interesting points to explore about this kind of thing… What I’m talking about is tone and identity. Saying “i find it interesting that people feel the need to call all their friends and get them to vote, it might be because they want to use this award to leverage their career… actually, I emailed Vicki Davis and asked her why… and she said it was because it got her students very excited (I didn’t, this is just an example, and vicki said on doug’s blog that she had asked people to vote for her)”

This is an important issue… it brings up how we use winning in our classrooms all the time, even though we claim we try not to… It’s collaborative victory, but really just a moved pattern, not one we’ve gotten rid of… it also has the potential to create… blah blah blah. Why “i’m against it” when it is such a nice platform for interesting discussion?