But you can have that Doug… just organize it. Why does it need to be ‘one thing’? Why the duality? And no, I don’t think that the Edublog Awards are like smoking in public places… or that the edublogosphere ‘exists’ or has ever beyond the many different ways in which people use that word…

Your comment here is a nice microcosm of what I’m talking about.
1. first one… thanks. Not sure if you’re being sarcastic but, text is a weird medium 🙂
2. This is the part that I find worrying, discussed below.
3. Question is good, would like to hear more about what you mean by distortion and what it is that is being distorted
4. This is a great idea, and the response to the question is that it generates excitement… and running events is based on excitement.

Do you want to police this perceived ‘edublogsphere’ so that it conforms to your ideals. How would you know if your view is sufficiently complex for ALL of us to follow? Why should we have only one set of ideals? Are you sure that competition is bad?

Your questioning of the format is great. Question it! It deserves it! Work on it (or something else) to bring about the vision that you are interested in. But your post did not critique the edublog awards, it was an identity performance of your personal beliefs against “competition”, “money” and the “idea of awards”. Hence my response.