You’re ‘critique’, as you put it, was grossly inept.

I am not ‘against’ the vast majority of all things ed tech, including blogging. I actively promote blogging with my school and other schools in my LA.

To make such a comment as ‘he doesn’t like blogging’ is taking interpretation to the extreme and I do take that as a personal insult to the work I have done promoting new technologies over the past 7 years with primary, secondary and FE establishments.

In fact I’d have to say your tabloid level ‘interpretation’ of what I posted was possibly only intended to give your original viewpoint a touch of credibility. Considering you simply made something up, leaves me with a very low opinion of your abilities to make objective commentary on others views.

To clear things up for you, as you seem unable to do so for yourself, I am not ‘against’ blogs. I just can’t see the value or point in Edublog awards – I am not against them either.

Finally, feel to pass comments on any future posts I make. I’ll happily keep pulling you up if you misquote me / plainly lie again.

Should you wish to correspond, I’ll welcome your email(s).