Get over it, Karl. Admittedly, I haven’t read every post and every comment on the Edublog awards, and find the entire discussion about whether we need to have awards for educational blogging to be pointless.

But based on your comment on Doug’s post, I too would interpret that as a criticism of educational blogging. In your comment, you are implying that there are people in the blogosphere who are so busy writing about the same old things that they don’t bother to try to implement any of the ideas/tools/resources/etc, and that you’re not one of them. You’re dismissing the edublog awards as a back-patting party for a small group of people who constantly recycle the same old thing.

I don’t have a problem with that opinion. But Dave’s conclusion that you don’t like blogging, or, perhaps better put, that you don’t see the value in edublogging, is a valid one based on that comment. Based on the dismissive tone in your comment, I find it hard to reach any other conclusion.