John, Gary… firstly ‘Hi’ to you both 🙂 Don’t know either of you but thanks for your take / comments on my post(s).

My point with Dave is, to give a loaded example, if I were to say ‘I don’t like the Oscars, I find them to be a load of old claptrap’ could one infer that I didn’t like movies just because I don’t like film industry awards?

No. One would be an idiot for making that assumption.

Dave, from his ‘interpretation’ of my post, falls into that category for blindly (and quite wrongly) second guessing what the orientation of my post was. Several other folks have called me out via email for the post I made and I gave them my reasoning behind my post. They seemed satisfied with my response – new edu-tech friends have been made and all is well with the world again 🙂

I still object to someone who neither knows me or any of the work I do to make such a rash comment as ‘Karl, clearly doesn’t like blogging’.

That is just simply nonsense. But he’s entitled to his opinion – I called him out on it -I invited him to discuss the points I made via email… my Gmail inbox is still sans Cormier.

To reiterate, I *personally* can’t see any true ‘value’ in the Edublogs awards and I’m VERY strongly in favour of Belshaw’s suggestion (see his post for his ideas). As a side note I also don’t really favour most ‘awards’ ceremonies – but that’s just me 🙂

I love edu tech. I love blogs. I promote the use of blogs for educational purposes… hell I’m even spending Christmas Day arguing my point on a blog and earlier today took time out from cooking Christmas lunch to set up another blog for a Year 10 and Year 11 Art project ready for next term.

Not bad going for blogging Luddite, eh?:)

And to qualify my comments of edu blogging in general… I find there is a lot of duplication on edublogs. One guy Tweets about a ‘new tool’ he’s found… a week later and there’s 20 blog posts on what this ‘new tool’ does by the guys who follow him on Twitter. If Dave wants to call me out on that comment, I’ll back up my opinion with evidential posts from multiple blogs on the same subject within a short time frame.

Anyway, that’s as much reiteration and clearing up as I’m willing to participate in for one year. Thank God 2009 is only a week away then!!

Merry Christmas Garry and John!

Dave sling an email over to me if you’re up to it (only joking! Merry Christmas, mate)