@virtualmv yeah… the upgrade path is really not something that is taken up in most of these review thingies. In one sense, it’s really tough to talk about because the experience can be really different for different people based on some really subtle differences. Did you get the directory permissions just right? did you ‘really’ follow the instructions?

@Ian Sure, there are defintely some CMS type creatures where content creation is complicated. With the three that I listed (and many more) than can be hammered to the point where content creation is pretty seamless. I too suggest wordpress first and foremost, and then move out to something like moodle or drupal is people really insist on more functionality. The problem is that people want ‘more’ or really, the chance that they just might want to do more… the planning phase is usually the one that gets dumped because its really difficult to plan when you aren’t super familiar with the options and repurcussions.