This sounds awesome, Dave.

We’re in a similar, but perhaps more limited position. We just moved here a couple of months ago and know very few people here, but at least we do have the Spring Street Farmer’s market within walking distance. It’s been wonderful so far, but it’s only once per week and it does mean hauling our butts out of bed on the early side (for us) if we want to make sure that the things we want aren’t sold out. Additionally, we don’t always know what will be available from week to week. So, while we’ve done very well with it and are quite pleased, it’s a little bit of a crap shoot. 🙂

Our extra complication is that we don’t drive. We can’t zip around from place to place picking up some eggs here and mushrooms there. Are there others facing this limitation as well? I realize that farms don’t want to get in the delivery business, but maybe if they can combine forces on the website then they can pool resources and offer some kind of delivery, even if it’s dropping off to one central pick up location in various cities. It’s a lot easier for us to take a cab to and from one location when we know that the order we’ve placed will be waiting for us. Just another thought to add to the mix.

Thanks again.