Hi Ken,

I’m glad that this system works for you and I can see how many people would find it rewarding. I have three concerns with it.

1. I don’t like the way it scales. If dozens of people are calling the farmers that might make for a nice system… Do you think this will work if there are hundreds?

2. Your system restricts us to those people who are involved in local foods for the community aspect. While i think community if vital, some people just want it for the freshness, or the environmental advantages and not for the community. I think they should be able to do this as well.

3. Your system makes it much harder for new people and first time visitors to buy local. If buying local is something i have to ‘earn’ through the phone tag system you describe, your setting a bar to purchasing that makes sense for community, but might not appeal to a farmer who has two weeks to sell their produce and wants as many local clients as they can get.

Your web development offer is gratefully accepted. We’ll know more about where we’re going with development by the end of the weekend. I’m thinking of having an impromptu web discussion among some devel folks, if your interested, some me your contact details through the email box above.