It’s a post like this that makes the question of identity and sharing far more complex, difficult, and poetic than anything we can dream of in 1 and 0s It’s a form of narrative that has a new sense of linearity and time, and no story or memory is more powerful than that of loss, but the abilty to frame loss in more ways than sorrow and anger is the poetry here. So thanks, I haven’t been able to blog directly about my mother’s death, which is nearly three years on now for a variety of reasons, mainly I haven;t dealt with it, but herein lies the means to start erecting a memory shrine for those that meant so much to us. In many ways blogging about the little things, like toys, is blogging about past one is trying to recapture because of the people that brought any object, as isolated as it may seem, into a living and breathing relationship with those we love.

Thanks for this, it is a powerful meditation on our moment that moves well beyond the very focused questions and issues we often get trapped within.