rning happens” is not synonymous with the latter).

I don’t think the PLE is merely a place for publication– that’s one thing– my common processes that I think compose the functions of the PLE are: Connect, Explore, Collect, Share, Reflect … there’s a lot more there than “just publication.”

On the other hand, I do think that the PLE isn’t the communication itself, in whatever the form or mode, it’s the environment that allows for various kinds of communication (and activities that happen where one is communicating with oneself, tinkering, taking things apart, storing, dismissing, remixing, building, etc).

The real difference is probably that there are aspects of Connectivism I don’t buy. It’s a workable theory and it provides some great insights, but I’m not in lock-step with it in every detail. In *MY* idea of connectivism, the PLE is essential for “connected” activities to happen. Or to put it another way, engaging in such activity automatically creates a PLE. For one thing the implicit “only” in the idea that “in Connectivism, learning (only) lives in the network” is a self-defeating (and unrealistic) proposition. Not all knowledge is exhumed only in real-time, not all learning happens just-in-time…

More later, but it might be a while because I’m literally about to head out the door to have 9 days of vacation.