I am still trying to define what I think a PLE and PLN are – when I see examples of how people are organising their learning, I get confused still.

Examples of tools that I’ve been using to – find, track, share – these are all tools I use where I am connecting to – network/s:

Delicious – if I bookmark a resource, or someone has shared a resource and marked it, so its in my delicious inbox. If I don’t put the cck09 tag, keep it private or don’t share it with anyone – is that being unconnective – I had to connect in order to bookmark the resource? Its not very helpful to anyone else if they don’t know it exists, but does that mean I haven’t learnt how to connect?

Google reader – if something appears in a feed I’ve subscribed too – I’ve already connected in order to receive the feed in the reader. I may choose to like, share, comment on that post but again if I didn’t – unless I keep it unread – it disappears from my consciousness and I will only remember its existence if something or someone in the future triggers a memory of it. If all my feeds are part of a network, how responsive do I need to be in order to be connective?

I wonder if its possible to be connective and only connect entirely to resources or information, without sharing / talking to another person so personal learning network or environment is quiet but exists?

This is a bit rambling, but still trying to understand the connecting bit with other people too – if I react to something or someone and at that moment in time, some part of my thinking changes but I don’t signal that reaction in any way that is obvious is that learning?

Is an environment or network something that reacts – it identifies the presence of other humans not just information and responds – then that is connective?