I’m tempted to just say “yup”.

The question that pops into my mind as I read this through again, is – Are we going to be the Greeks or the Romans?

I don’t think we were designed, by chance or purpose, to be button pushers. We are a creative species and seem to do better when allowed to exercise that creative and innovative bent be it the (generalist) farmer, the tool maker, the hunter, or even the parent.

An aside: I have a theory that spectator sports that are urelated to survival skills only spring up when you have too many button pushers in your society.

Yes, the literacies needed now are not digital, they are cognitive, linguistic, ethical, and creative. We need innovators more than followers. We need systems thinkers that can see and care about the whole. (Caring is also something we seem to be hardwired for, btw)

In early 70’s the Club of Rome recognized this and published two reports. The first focused on the “limits to growth” we had to face, small world, too many mouths to feed type stuff.

The second report focused on the possiblities. They suggested that there were “no limits to learning” and further there were two ways we could learn.

We could, as a species, learn by shock or by innovation. To learn by innovation two conditions had to manifest. We had to be able to anticipate what would/could happen and we needed a participatory society engaged in the process.

Just my 2cents.