An answer came to me for this conundrum: who are “we?”

“We” are breaking up into a thousand subcultures. The entire global economy is in contraction, and that must mean an increase in complexity elsewhere, including in the alternative social systems.

Those who are conditioned to be comfortable only with buttons to push and a true/false digital education are indeed facing a sad future. But those people aren’t everyone. And in 20 years, those people will be a different – perhaps much, much smaller – subset of humanity.

Many of the factory workers of 2029 haven’t even entered our defunct educational system yet. Many of today’s factory workers will be long retired or dead in 2029. At the same time there is a massive rising tide of counter-culture thinkers, while the Internet, a product of the digital and button-pushing world we’re losing, short circuits long term development of misinformed mythology. In favour of short term misinformed mythology.

I’m not sure if it even makes sense to try and predict what things will be like five years from now, let alone 20.