Hey Dave

While this was a one-off project http://tomazlasic.net/2009/12/catch-a-teacher-day/ I’ve tried a few similar things on the ground last year with encouraging results (would be happy to share if you like).

This year, I started working at Moodle HQ as Education Researcher as “an interface between educators and developers” as my boss (Martin Dougiamas) puts it. You may be aware of the long promised release of Moodle 2.0 (very close now), which contains, at least to me, the best feature of all called Community Hubs. In a nutshell, these will allow for moodlers around the world to share courses, enrol in, even download entire courses (if allowed) and create something we ultimately hope for – organically grown, guild-like learning communities/communities of practice. It is actually something I plan to do my PhD in since it is an area I have been deeply interested for some time now. In fact, it is something Martin longed for since he started Moodle many years ago!

At the moment, I am working to create a ‘hub’ of a kind for educators to share, view, contribute, comment on their ‘recipes’ of using Moodle in a range of educational settings. I expect this to be a highly collaborative and collegial, cross-cultural project (Moodle is used in 206 countries with 32+ mill. registered users…), hoping it will blossom into something rhizomatic you (& me & many others) have been banging on about for some time now. Will keep you posted…

And if I head your way one day (or you come Down Under on the Western side) we must go for a beer!

Cheers Dave, good luck with the project.