Envy the opportunity to teach a course like this, don’t envy the intensive part though.

Like the focus on context building and reflecting on the problems around decision making.

When looking at the trends stuff. Might be useful to have some trends reports from 10/15 years ago to use as a reality check on this sort of process and also to illustrate some of the prediction/decision making problems you talk about in prior sessions. If you could draw on Singaporean predictions from 10/15 years ago you could probably link it to context as well.

My only other suggestion – and a bit of a hobby horse – would be to work in discussion of different types of process. Too many folk don’t realise that there are alternatives to strategic planning etc and that strategic planning type processes have inherent flaws. Not to mention that there is a huge body of literature talking about this.

The table on this page points to some of the literature http://davidtjones.wordpress.com/2009/05/25/teleological-and-ateleological-processes/