Hey, Dave! Sounds like a really good course… I wish I could be there!

Coupla thoughts:

Might be interesting to end Day 5 with an “action planning” bit where they try to situate the work of the past 4 days in a “what am I going to do Monday” (or next week/month) to kick the process off.

You could do something with obstacles/enablers… things that might get in the way of the vision of ed. and things that would support it. For example, where does Singapore sit in the global community among political/social/economic forces?

Might be interesting to have students generate an overview of education today on the first day, then go back to it to reflect/revise on the last.

WRT jargon… unless it’s current in what the students will encounter after the course, leave it. Too often jargon just glosses over clear and effective use of plain English (or whatever language). On the other hand, sometimes it helps us reach concepts that have not been expressed before…

Minor things, all of them. Have fun!