I think this sounds like an exciting idea! However, I’m not sure it’s a particularly productive line of thought. Even people in the industry are notoriously bad at predicting future technological trends. Educators can try, but I’m now sure how far we’ll get.

I think taking a serious look at current trends and technologies can be worthwhile, but only if we look at how current technology is actually being implemented in schools (both mainstream and alternative forms). Then we can analyze how (or whether) specific uses benefit student learning, see how they change teacher-student and student-student relationships, and why some technologies have gained more traction than others. I think those questions are more practical to ask, not only in terms of our ability to answer them, but also in terms of the applicability of our answers.

I apologize if I’ve misread or if I’m just missing something. That’s certainly possible! I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on this.