Funny thing: I’m using the 2008 document (well, a translation I made of it) in one of the open courses I’m doing since last September.

I like it because it gives a broad picture of a lot of current and future topics (initial language, as you say?), but what I propose to participants is to read it trying to reflect on the way it relates to their local (Latin American, mostly) context. I complement the reading with an observation of their own environment, in order to check how Stephen’s ‘predictions’ relate to our own reality.

Now, I don’t know about Singapore, but at least in my course, participants point out very quickly how particular is the context Stephen refers to, when compared to ours (for example, in terms of broadband and tech access, which is still limited, or the role educational institutions play in the big picture). The exercise is useful, I’d say, as a first step in creating a personal stance on the local future of e-learning…

Now, I didn’t think before about scenarios, but looks like that could be a useful exercise. So maybe I’ll borrow some of your ideas to include them in the next weeks of my course…

Good luck with the course, and thanks for sharing these ideas!