Hi Dave,

Thanks for sharing these videos – looks like you’re having a great time!

I have a percolating blog post on the subject of “connectedness is all”. When you showed the diagram where one of the learners mentioned “rhizomes”, I was immediately struck by how often we focus on peripheral details when it’s the core elements that we need to consider: what are they entities we are considering? How are they related to each other? How might they be related to each other in the future? (after all, today’s configuration/pattern can change dramatically when one of the elements is eliminated or suddenly gains prominence it has not had in the past). As with learning and knowledge, connections are the key.

I love your statement: “Prediction is doomed to failure. The value of futures thinking is in opening minds to consider new possibilities and to deal with change. They should not be seen as visions of where an organization might go.”

Futures thinking is less about trying to predict the future and more about trying to increase our capacity for adaptivity. Creative thinking, scenario exploration, and similar techniques serve primarily to disrupt our current static views and to become receptive to alternative scenarios and futures.

Thanks again for sharing!