Our school district is trying to do this by encouraging students to pursue job shadows and internships in high school. This is the vision of our school district.

This is a rough draft of an addition to our curriculum policy we agreed to last Wednesday,

“The Board also recognizes that curricula materials can only provide so much information. We encourage students and schools to be active participants in their communities

The Board also encourages students to take an active role in their education by making use of the expertise of scientists, businesses, universities, and museums to learn about current thinking and research in subject areas. Students should be encouraged to utilize the natural environment and the community in order to move educational activities beyond the classroom as a way of fostering individualized education and deepening the learning experiences of students.

The board encourages teachers and librarians to integrate local knowledge and help students to gain access to community resources and make use of local expertise related to student’s educational goals.

The board encourages librarians and counselors to develop a list of community resources that students and teachers can turn to for advice about current events, thinking and research.”

Also, I posted your video to my blog and facebook page. It is rough but I like the ending.