Hi Dave. The responses are running in favour of your concepts of openness etc. and clearly your work is valued by many. The comments have caused me to review what I have learned from participating in CCK08 etc.

I must say that I learned a lot about many concepts and tools I had not come across in depth before, but perhaps the best learning for me was through the discussions/debates on various topics. The social media affords me (and others) the opportunity to express views and opinions in an open forum wherein challenges can be made and received and both serve to assist in self-development, IMHO. Sharing ideas and content with a very diverse group (geographic, ideology etc) is to me the great benefit of being connected through the web.

Folks such as yourself, who take the initiative to organize studies/provide the opportunity to bring groups together are to be commended for your efforts. The issues of accreditation/drop-out are difficult to understand and resolve, if in fact a resolution of sorts is even to be considered a good thing. It appears that there are different needs by different folks and it is good that these needs can be met through the different means of accreditation/non-accreditation etc.