Ok, this is totally off the wall. Can you imagine a school “system” where instead of the standard subject like reading, writing, math, science, etc there were instead literacies or ways of knowing.

For example, it could be based on .. lets say Bloom’s taxonomy (not the best example but the best I can think of right now). You could take a course in basic recall.. What you learned to recall would be up to you, to pass you’d have to prove that you have reached a certain level of recall. Once that was done you could move on.

My point is that I think we are categorizing learning by subject area when really we ought to be grouping learning in a different way all together. What would education look like if we did that? What would assessment and standards have to look like if we did that?

Personally I’m a jump to synthesis, INTP type of learner so this of course is missing a bunch of cognitive steps lol