I tend to really agree withe the points that are made about standardized testing. I feel that the standardized tests don’t truly show what students are learning in the classroom and instead show things that they have just memorized at the time to get through the test with an “ok” score. But then I also feel that students should have to learn the standard subjects of math, reading, writing, science and history because it gives them the knowledge that they need to lead a successful life in the world today. I don’t think that the internet could replace teachers at all because I feel that it is more the personal aspect that adds a lot to how students learn in the classroom. I know that personally when I take an online class or am forced to teach myself something through using the internet, I don’t learn as much and definitely don’t get as much information as I need to.

I think that majority of these posts all have valuable opinions and information in them. It was an interesting post to begin with and good points that have come across and good things to think about when going into the classroom and partaking in education.