Maybe we are “arguing” lately because this PLE / PLN topic hits on some fundamental differences in our conceptions of learning, networks, community, knowledge, etc. and the role / influence of others on same. We have kicked around these conceptions and definitions before, but maybe next week we should pick up on your sentence from above, “We donโ€™t learn much alone.” I guess I see a PLE as an external representation / snapshot (curation?) of the learning going on (alone) in my head (expressions of my reflections, my understanding, my interpretations, my feelings, etc.) and the PLN as what I tap into to share what is in my head and to get new perspectives, information, feedback, etc. from others to fuel my learning (and .. with hope .. to fuel the learning of others). However, I am guessing my perception of the role of others (as fuel for an internal process of learning) does not overlap with how your view learning … hence the lack of overlap in our views on the definition and function of PLEs, PLNs ๐Ÿ™‚

p.s. I hope you don’t kick me out of your PLN because we don’t share the same conceptions (oh, she can be a be-atch) ..