Important that you raise the issue of power, Dave, and that Frances links this to agency. I am interested in how we develop open curriculua, and how we see tech as subservient to a view of the student becoming herself in her life-world. This is in and beyond the University.

One concern I have is that edtechies/educational developers risk losing sight of their ability to encourage humanity through technology, rather than fetishising technology on its own. In this context, and linked to power/co-governance, I wrote some things here, including some questions on the PLE/LMS, informal learning and OERs:

I am also taken by the need to critique issues of power and control within education, and that the process of disaggregating it, is co-governed by both educators and students. In this, I am taken with the work of the English child psychologist, Donald Winnicott, on ‘the continuation of reliable holding in terms of the ever-widening circle of family and school and social life’. So how do we, as educators, friends, peers, humane actors, provide an environment that holds others as they make sense of the world and their selves?

Be good!