My view is K12 – and there are ease of use and trust factors that I believe need to be there for ALL learners to engage in all aspects of their learning environments (online and face to face).

There will always be some who engage in the wide open web – the 20% (and growing slowly). But to empower and engage the 80%, I don’t think it will happen “out there”.

Internal, hosted solutions that are designed from the perspective of all we know about learning ( is what we need to move forward in significant ways, imo. Trusted peer networks (to begin with), “safe” places to share, single ID/password to access all, and high value uses of the tech.

And no barriers to our teacher leaders bringing in the amazing stuff they’re doing “out there” – letting them show the way forward…

In short, I don’t think we have to choose between VLE and PLE – we need them to integrate!