And as I further reflect, I want to add that I can’t say exactly what that “best of both worlds” looks like. I just know it’s something I feel we have to strive forward, in order to find a way forward. Finding the path that navigates the polarities is the key, it’s where wisdom exerts its voice.

If we want ALL learners (whether teachers or students!) to engage and understand their learning and the choices open to them, then we need to advocate for systems that provide opportunities that fit all of their needs (not just academic, but social/emotional as well). We need to acknowledge all for where they are (comfort level, beliefs, experience, fear levels, trust, etc…) and create the safe space for them to move forward on their learning journey.

Will a system do all of that? Of course not – but it’s a foundational part of the puzzle. We can provide all the leadership and inspiration we want, but without an easy to use system, many will never engage. It’s too overwhelming. We can provide all the pro-d and model openness, but without a safe place to practice it, many will never be willing to try.

Bring it all together – then we’ll transform learning communities…