I don’t particularly care which tools, just which kind, although i guess that is still a personal selection. I think I’m with you as well, and I’m very happy to have the return of the ‘omg chris has commented on my post i wonder what he’s going to say’ feeling that has been missing up to recently. The goal, eventually, is to not care at all what tools they are using, as long as they collect their work together to send it in to me for ‘looking at’.

I’m not sure what to think about BIM yet, I’ll keep looking… i’m not against VLEs automagically, i just find they don’t work for most of my uses.

I’m not sure if I’m being made fun of or not… so I’m going to guess that I am. Yes, the idea of portfolio is not new at all, for me the realization was that there was no sense in me trying to create it programatically, that it made far more sense, and did far more from a literacy perspective, to have them make it up themselves. That… and it’s easier and doesn’t leave me holding websites that no one uses anymore 😛