Not only is your reflection and organization of your extensive experience with MOOCs pertinent here, but as Downes points out on the OL Daily, it is absolutely seminal. And what’s more, the latest videos you have produced provided and unbelievably helpful overview of the MOOC process. Not so sure ds106 will be Massive like the courses you, George, and Stephen have done, but they probably will be big enough for me to be entirely overwhelmed.So this framweork for getting yourself ready is invaluable. I particularly like your idea about coming to a point in the semester here you focus in and choose to work on a project. It is also important that no two people will take the course for exactly the same reasons, and that being fine is huge.

Your experience with this setup is huge, and I hope I (and others, cause this is not nearly as singular as it might seem from my writing) can lean on you for soem advice and guidance. I’m not sure how you did this four differnet times over the last 2 and a half years, but I am in awe.

That said, I want to also concur with your reflection here about why you got into the web in the first place. For me it was the birth of Miles, I setup my Captain Miles blog and make mashups about him. Kinda like this:

Or even this:

That, indeed, is why all this started, and I, like you, want to get back to that. But not alone, rather with friends, colleagues, and strangers.

Thanks Dave, you rock!