Count me in. The potential for something like this is what drew me to MOOCs in the first place. I’m floundering about trying to develop an ongoing open self-paced online study group for ESL. I’d had it in mind for some time and worked on something more lesson-structured with a friend that morphed into email groups, trying out varying formats. Then I got the blogging bug and moved it (whatever it was) onto a blog, first a closed blog, now an open blog but with the notion of associating other applications should interest in private writing groups emerge (so far not but that’s another issue).

I have also taught basics skills ground, online and hybrid: GED, Developmental English, Study Skills. So I also have a pretty good idea of the area… and tar pits lurking below the surface.

Ultimately, I would like to develop a basic skills, literacies, GED, writing for the workplace page primarily for the relatively isolated and economically depressed rural New Mexico where I live.