Hey Dave, you are talking to the woman who has asserted that connectivism is a phenomenon as opposed to a learning theory http://www.irrodl.org/index.php/irrodl/article/view/902/1664 no need to assume that I think George is ‘right’. Neither of course is he ‘wrong’.
Since I posted my earlier comment, I have had a meetup with the inestimable Cristina Costa http://knowmansland.com/ who is approaching her final assessment before her viva on the excellent PhD work she is doing on the practice of academic researchers using the participatory web. Cristina is is conducting a Bourdieuian analysis of these practices and I am wondering if Bourdieu’s concept of habitus might relate to your ideas on habituation. You can check out Wikipedia on this (flagged but still useful).
Of course, you will have to wait a bit to enjoy the juicy fruits of Cristina’s research but not too long now;)