Thanks for publishing this. From your writing and the responses that have been posted already I see some consensus around discrediting some of Sherry Turkle’s concerns about the lost art of conversation ( – lost to technology). Keith Hamon points out that we here in this blog – space are listening, reflecting, and responding to points made by others with a patience that is literally required of us because we have to wait for our partners in the conversation to reply. What have we lost?

Another concern would like to hear responses to that Dr. Turkel’s voiced in her TED Talk is that we are putting out artificial “best” forms of ourselves when we don’t engage in face-to-face conversation. I am not sure I understand the harm in putting out your “best” self in a text or a blog if that self is reflective and has had time to look up evidence to support a position, rather than the “real” self who blurts out something they half-remember in the heat of a debate/face-to-face conversation.