@Dave – I know I shouldn’t feed the trolls, but sometimes they are irresistible, so my apologies in advance. I enjoyed your post and it made me think (again) about what role technology has played in my own relationships over the past 22 years. Sherry’s arguments about the death of relationships remind me of people who said the printing press would be the death of writing or newspaper would be the death of social interaction since they isolated people from each other. Of course, as we now know, the opposite was true in both cases and I bet the opposite will prove to be true here. I wonder what Sherry has experienced in her life to give her this personal perspective on technology and relationships, don’t you?

@Stanley: You hold a different opinion from Dave – which is absolutely fine. But the way you expressed that opinion in your comment was obviously inflammatory. If you’d like people to thoughtfully consider your point of view, I suggest focusing on arguments that are, as Michael Feldman would say, “well-reasoned and insightful.” Yours were not. Here’s an example of a more appropriately reasoned opinion piece to help you out (it was written by my 12 year old). https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OecMtFSoD8uLIUblwaliIkV5CCFyk4UCEbffQMbPItw/edit