I haven’t read the article, but did watch two of her recent TED talks on this topic – and I’m with Sherry.
First, this is not an ‘all or nothing’ – it is about how people use or misuse social media. It isn’t an argument that social media is wrong or bad, but that people can fall into traps of neglecting those around them to spend time connecting with those who are remote. The connecting isn’t a problem – it is the disconnection with people supposedly close.
She also was not really discussing blogging, which after all is something of a minority sport compared to posting pictures and one line status updates on twitter/facebook and compulsively checking email.

Basically, is the idea of switching off facebook/twitter alerts and putting the phone away while sitting down or hanging out with family/friends for a while such a bad idea? She is simply describing a situation in which some people are unable to do so… and having both been annoyed by others spending an entire mealtime in a restraunt messaging on their phones, and been asked (sorry, ordered!) by my own kids to put away my phone while doing something with them, I can totally see Sherry’s point.

It isn’t everyone, it isn’t all the time, but for some it is a problem, and when it’s a problem, it’s a problem.