Good posts already before the MOOC has started!
We’re already configuring the curriculum … 😉

I’m very interested in rhizomatics because in my university we want to give the students more freedom, more responsibility for their own learning process.
Yet still we want to make sure that in the end they can graduate in what they are meant to graduate in (e.g. as dentist, physician, biomedical researcher).

So, on the one hand we’ve got learning targets, competencies. Students may develop their own “learning journey” to reach those targets.
But we’re still very not used to this way of “teaching” … eh, learning.
We’re having as we’d say in Dutch “koudwatervrees” … still afraid that the water will be too cold.

Does this all make any sense to you?

I’m afraid I can’t write it any clearer at this moment … that’s why I’m taking the rhizomatic MOOC now. 😉

BTW, I don’t know what a unconference is. Any clarification?