Proposed topic: What are the goals of the cheater, and how do these goals align with the the goals of the person(s) or entity who is being cheated?
-Is this misalignment of goals intentional on the part of the cheater, or is it a result of misunderstanding the goals of the cheated?
-What is the end result (on a vulnerable public, on the cheater, on the organization) of cheating, and does this end result have any relationship to the ethics of cheating? In particular, is there a positive learning result?

This is similar to the topic of intent proposed by Doug Symington above. I would gladly participate in his group. Or I am willing to co-moderate this topic with someone who has more reliable bandwidth, if there is sufficient interest to make it a separate breakout session.

I’ve created a world clock event for the live session at
so all can find the time for their own timezone