I posed this question on FB but didn’t get a good answer there. This is my question is from 2:38 in Rhizo14 Week1 – Cheating as learning YouTube (you should embed that here, btw :-). Dave was talking about Diigo, and then he said, “the tags explorer is out of this world. If you click on the link in the chatroom to the tags explorer you’ll notice that everybody’s tweet, every hash tag #rh14 tweet is in there, you can click on every of of the nodes, every one of the little dots, it will pop up that person and I encourage you if you have an interest to open up this tags explorer, and click on a dot that doesn’t have a respnse to it, take a look at it, and if the person is actually talking about the course just respond to them, create a line there, you know make a connection for them. These things are really great.”

I’d love to do this but I’m missing that critical link in the chatroom. Would anyone have it?