In response to both Terry and Simon… (though Dave has already responded, but if we’re forking, then I have equal rights to respond I guess) – is that I think what Dave is suggesting is really what happens anyway (that diff people take the course in diff directions, form different silos – omigosh can you imagine building close relationships with 400 people in 4-6 weeks? that would be NUTS) – but by formally encouraging people to fork it he’s doing the “permission” thing and almost… “letting go” more formally… then again, because the forking would actually occur in such a way that the diff forkers could see what each other have done, it might allow for people to accept/reject ideas from others into their own… rather than totally ignore?

It’s kind of like that tool…penflip? It allows different people to create different versions of the same thing but also notifies…

Now how this all applies to rhizo15 I am not exactly sure, as I don’t even consider it much of a content-heavy space, so… maybe if I were running my own version of the course I’d just add blog aggregation (I find it useful elsewhere and it’s really quite simple to do if you get the correct RSS). But that’s not really “much”.

I guess we’ll find out when we get there?

Dave, is there an opportunity to play with this idea before you actually run the course? (once the fedwiki thing is over – I’ll have a better idea of the whole forking process – unsure what technology p2pu are using; no time to look now)