How can they care when ‘education’ is all about regimes of surveillance and testing? If at first it’s something you’re sentenced to – and then it’s something someone else designs – but you have to pay for?
I came to this post, Dave, via Maha’s blog – and this is what I wrote there – hope you don’t mind me re-posting it here to you:
YEARS ago when I trained to be a teacher I found *my* theorist – Carl Rogers. He said it was all about *values* (over pedagogy, over curriculum even): unconditional positive regard (love), congruence (honesty) and empathy (‘getting’ the students’ contexts). That was it for me. Yes – I added Freire (who wouldn’t) – but then he had love too. So – we love our students – and try to show it – get them to feel it and believe it. We try to get them to know and love each other – to build communities of friendship – then the communities of practice and inquiry will naturally grow – they do emerge.
Here’s what our friend Chris put together of our Week 12 event:
That’s our first years – and a few peer mentors – and this was the week that we were told would not work – last week of term – students are off home or bored or tired – just run tutorials… Well – we didn’t. We asked them to produce a Poster Exhibition of their Digital Me Projects.
We did not show them *how* to do the Digital Me – just showed them some great #edcmooc artefacts and one of Terry Elliot’s brilliant Zeegas – and this is what they did.
And I think it works because they could harness their love – and tell each other who they were/are… and it could be personal or really digital or a combination of the two.
And when i got home – I cried…