This is a complex problem.

Education is the process of learning but the problem is education is limited to a finite set of skills to be learned as you said. I personally found that students find it easier to learn something that is not restricted in its form or confined only to a singular aspect of life.

Every person has that curiosity to explore and experiment, it sharpens our imagination. When our imagination is captivated by creativity , only then will we be able to learn with unbridled motivation to add value to the world. Sadly most education systems around the world hinders our creative self and all these pompous PhD degree chasers are only motivated by money and prestige, yet most of their minds are dull and have no genius spark for creative thought.

I run a college for high school drop outs called Namibia Educational Assistance College:

We re–ignite that spark of curiosity to learn in the students, that the formal education system has extinguished. If you have the same mind set as I do, please do visit our website: and contact us if you want to share any progressive ideas on how we can solve this problem for students