I am pausing here at the key nodes concept and realizing ways in which such nodes sustained me early on in my connecting and later how I became that for other people. I think folks who don’t normally learn in abundance think of it as overwhelming but it doesn’t need to be as long as u have key nodes (ppl or things) to focus on or fall back on. If I were to add something here it would be…how do we nurture key nodes and help newbies find them? Do we need the node go signal “I am here for you” or the newbie to signal “I need help” or something more subtle? During ccourses we kinda tried something like that. At my university we are considering mentoring betw fac and students. But we sense these things develop organically f2f (more naturally and easily for some and not others). It’s similar but more complex and requires more intentionality and perceptivity online…what do you think?